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Science is a way of trying not to fool yourself.
- Richard Feynman

Useful Stuff Cool Bart(5K aiff) (13K wav)

MacDEM - Mac program to display, edit, and convert Digital Elevation Models.

QuickTake 200 Exposure Compensation - Method of adjusting exposure for the QuickTake200 digital camera.

G3 Minitower CD-ROM / Case Vibration Fix - Quiet CD-ROM-induced vibration noise in Apple mini-tower cases.

Raytraced Images - Small collection of raytraced images sized for desktop background pictures.

Tips for Creating Stereo Images

Forest Park Oak Savanna Restoration Project

Filtering Scotch

csv_animate - Imports csv files into Blender for animation.


Grandpa Is My Friend

Links - My on-line, access-from-anywhere bookmarks.

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